A Global Standard for Innovation Management

The InnovationIQ score is an objective measure of how well an organization’s core capabilities align with best practices and emerging global standards in innovation management. This certification signals that an organization is developing capacity for innovation action, and actively working to align these efforts with an overall strategy.

Organizations of all sizes are then able to measure, track and enhance their innovative capabilities. The InnovationIQ score can be applied to entire regions, local municipalities, single organizations, internal divisions, and all the way down to specific working groups. The annual recertification of InnovationIQ presents a direct way for organizational leaders to measure progress and drive change throughout the organization.

Ranking progress on a 100-point scale, balancing 92 critical benchmarks, the InnovationIQ score indicates how likely it is for an organization to effectively innovate in specified fields and to successfully manage innovation projects for sustainable growth and profits. More than a score, the InnovationIQ is a powerful tool for growth and improved performance.

A 360 Degree Analysis of the Innovation Quotient

Using the Innovation360 Group’s extensive innovation database and advanced framework of 92 critical benchmarks, InnovationIQ condenses insights from more than 6,000 innovation projects in 105 countries. With the InnovationIQ score as the central organizing principle, leaders gain a comprehensive view of precisely how specific actions can help them develop their capabilities, profit from core competencies, meet strategic objectives and foster a culture of innovation for continuous improvement. We perform a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s innovation quotient, using deep analytics powered by AI that is continually learning. This advanced analysis surveys key stakeholders, including board members, the executive suite, partners, employees and end users.

The resulting report can be visualized across several formats and used to develop a strategic plan to improve your innovation performance.

You will identify both strengths and potential blockers as well as gaining insight on the best path forward. InnoSurvey® provides a platform for your organization to monitor up-to-the-minute metrics, detailing strategies that are uniquely designed to fit your internal capabilities and market position.
Your results will be visualized and presented in a 40-page innovation report, including samples of tangible recommendations on sharpening innovation capabilities, leadership, culture and strategy.

The 360 approach and InnoSurvey® analysis were developed by internationally renowned business leader and innovation expert Magnus Penker. He developed his methodology while gathering data on thousands of companies across the world. Through an advanced correlation analysis powered by AI, the framework yields cutting edge insights into the nature of innovation, and the conditions in which it can thrive.

A practical tool for enhanced performance and results

The InnovationIQ certification lays out a roadmap for improvement with easy-to-read metrics, promotes innovation capabilities that improve financial performance, solidifies an organization’s reputation as an innovator and enhances brand recognition in competitive markets. It standardizes innovation management and establishes a measurable innovation standard.

Know What’s Working

Assess and benchmark your organization against the world’s most successful companies. Our data identifies opportunity areas and provides a roadmap for how to improve – all in metrics that are easy to understand.

Increase Your Profit & Growth

Aligned innovation capabilities means a financial advantage in a competitive marketplace

Earn Recognition

Innovation IQ certification tells investors, candidates, partners, and vendors that you’re a safe bet.

Grow Your Brand

Brand yourself as an organization of continuous progress and development. Our certification program gives you the marketing resources to build brand recognition and the actionable insights to drive real business results.