Frequently Asked Questions

Any organization – small, mid-size and large corporations, NGOs, not-for-profits, municipalities, governmental bodies and authorities – or any part of an organization, such as a division or working group. Certification is available for any organization that depends on innovation to pursue strategic aims such as growth, market leadership, or customer experience.

All kinds of organizations, including:

  1. Manufacturing Companies – High Tech, Hard goods, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, etc.
  2. Service Organizations – Banking, Finance, Insurance, Hospitality, Travel, etc.
  3. Nonprofit Institutions – Schools & Universities, Research Institutes, Libraries, Hospitals, etc.
  4. Government Agencies – Economic Development, Infrastructure, Transportation, Utilities, Social Welfare, etc.

The certification process can be completed in a matter of weeks, and you can expedite the process by checking out the requirements and making sure key personnel and partners are available to participate.

Yes. The InnovationIQ certificate and guidance is fully compliant with ISO 56000. Innovation360, the company that created the InnoSurvey®, was among the leading developers of the ISO 56000 methodology and documentation.

You’ll receive a set of tangible recommendations for increasing your score, and can always reach out to your assessor, a consultant or Innovation360 Group for more help.

You can display your InnovationIQ score on your website, in social media and in marketing materials to communicate your organization’s commitment to excellence in innovation.  Tracking changes to capabilities and scores over time helps communicate to stakeholders progress in the organization’s strategic priorities. Leaders can use the 40+ page report and 92 benchmark analysis that accompanies the scoring process to identify gaps and misalignments before they derail innovation initiatives.

Pricing varies by the size organization and the scope of certification. For organizations with less than 5,000 employees, $14,500 USD for one InnovationIQ and additional $7,500 per team, subsidiary, site, or country. You can analyze as many teams as necessary to reach your innovation objectives. Please contact us directly for quotes on organizations with over 5,000 employees.

Certification includes a diploma and a logotype that can be used both online and in print. In addition, managers get a 40-page customized analysis with tangible recommendations on how to increase their score on the next assessment. This report concentrates on the right capabilities and cultural aspects to prioritize. As part of that planning process, certification holders are entitled to a 30-minute feedback consultation with an Authorized Innovation Assessor.

Yes, while InnovationIQ scores are aggregated across the organization,  separate scoring and analysis can be done for nodes, rollups, subsidiaries, business units, divisions and working groups.  This multi-business unit approach allows for insights into innovation capacity on a granular level.

The InnoSurvey® refers to the world’s largest innovation project database and an assessment based on Innovation360 Framework developed by innovation expert Magnus Penker. Analysis of patterns indicate factors that correlate closely with successful innovations. The InnoSurvey® assessment helps organizations understand and identify gaps in their innovation capabilities, and to gain insight into the alignment between innovation, strategy, culture and leadership.