Benefits of InnovationIQ Certification

The InnovationIQ certification has many benefits, and is a powerful tool to drive change, recognize excellence, and assess your organizations unique capabilities to innovate successfully. Internally, it helps workers develop a sense of purpose and create a culture of innovation, while externally it signals to partners, stakeholders, and markets that your organization is committed to the highest standard in innovation management.

Finally, the InnovationIQ certificate demonstrates an organization’s commitment to progress and a more sustainable future. This can be instrumental in establishing reliable brand positioning, strengthening the organization’s network, attracting the next generation of talent, and boosting customer engagement.

These standards are being developed based on the ISO principles and are fully compliant with the emerging ISO 5600 Innovation Management standards. Innovation360 has worked closely in partnership with leading global firms and governmental organizations to develop these standards to guide and structure innovation efforts on a global scale.


The InnovationIQ allows organizations to identify and recognize innovation, both on a departmental and organizational level. They can then measure and reward growth as they implement measurable actions to create the right culture and  organizational structure for innovation to thrive. Because the InnovationIQ can be measured both as an aggregate number across the organization or on a more local level, it can reward and recognize pockets of innovation within a company.

This certification also recognizes the innovation quotient of your entire organization. The diploma can be displayed in the office, and the InnovationIQ can be displayed on your website, marketing material, and in documents.

Continuous Improvement

The Innovation IQ allows you to assess and reward growth and to create a culture of continuous improvement. You are able to measure and track improvements within specific departments, teams or working groups, and to allocate resources where they will deliver the greatest return. You can also compare how well your organization ranks industry-wide, and see how you measure up across a range of benchmarks.

The recertification process measures growth and change, and gives you a snapshot into your progress. Customized reports help develop and drive the best mix of short, medium, and long-term innovations that help work teams adapt to sudden market shifts in a rapidly changing world. You are able to quickly test and validate ideas, and to select the best ones for implementation.

Strategic Innovation Management

A well-defined and manged innovation process is key to profitable growth in a competitive and disruptive global economy: This includes:

  • Accessing and developing the right organizational culture and leadership
  • Identifying your market-valuable capabilities and aligning them to your overall strategy
  • Aligning key stakeholders, including partners, leadership and talent under this framework

The certification and rating you get is a great foundation for a more strategic analysis.  Your assessor can help you create a customized analysis that is complemented with interviews, field studies, and personalized workshops to drill down into your organizational culture and align your overall strategy with your unique capabilities and market position. Innovation promotes long-term growth to help market leaders retain their position and new market entrants to define a new role for themselves. You will gain a clear path forward with actionable and measureable recommendations to implement.

Please reach out if you’d like more information in achieving Excellence in Innovation Management and improving your Innovation quotient and InnovationIQ score.